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Central unit MULTIBUS

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Your demand is an easy, flexible, architectural lighting control system ! You want :

  • a wide variety of wall station control finishes matching your interior design (metal, wood, carbon fiber....)
  • your own engraving
  • to use standard push buttons
  • an universal wireless design remote control
  • no specific additive hardware to program
  • a direct scene set up on wall stations or on Palm
  • to capture directly DMXlevels to program your scenes

Multibus, with its most advanced technology meets exactly your needs today.

Multibusis a versatile system designed for a wide range of applications from restaurant, retail, boardroom, lecture hall..., to hotels, museums, convention centres, cruise ships.....

With MULTIBUS, you can :
  • Control up to 48 dimmer circuits and 4 independent rooms
  • Load and record 8 scenes per room controlled by several wall station controls
  • Be controlled by a multimedia system (RS232)
  • Manage easily the space partitioning in multi-purpose rooms

Sales code UC2840
Product code 2840
Type Système MULTIBUS
Number of channels 48

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