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RVE, pioneer of the plug-in dimmer is different thanks to this technological knowledge to place at your disposal a tool of scenic creation unequalled.
Controllable of the end of the fingers by their convivial touch screen.
3D concept® dimming system have advanced and unique possibilities!
Our dimmer cabinets can be adapted to your needs and not the opposite !
You pay for only what you need !

• Touch screen
• Main function configurations via Ethernet
• One module for Dimmers + Mechanical relays (RVE exclusivity)
• The broadest choice of the market: thyristor, triac, transistor, sine wave, mechanical relays
• Two dimmer cabinets width: 19'' or 29''
• RDM, Ethernet (ACN, Artnet) ready
• Connections: At the top, at the bottom or on the left or right side
• Module instantaneous replacement without repro gramming
• Total mixing of the different module models with out restriction
• Total adaptation of protections according to the local rules
• Diagnosis function
• 2 DMX 512 Inputs

The perfect synthesis between reliability, experience
and new technologies !

Availlable in severral configurations
From 1 to 120 channels according to the configuration

3kW - 5kW - 12kW
With the choice :
Thyristor, Triac, Transistor, Sine wave, Mechanical relay mixable
without restriction


According to the dimmer cabinet model, to the needed options
and to the electrical protections requested.

With the choice:
Standard : 605 x 450 x from 1100 to 2350mm
XL : 865 x 450 x from 1100 to 2350mm

Plug in modules : 4 x 3kW, 2 x 3kW, 2 x 5kW, 1 x 12kW
Indicator : Dimming LEDs, default LEDs on the front face of each module
Supervisor : 1 Unit supervisor or touch screen (1 for each cabinet or for a group of cabinets)
Rising time : 200μs - option: 400μs or 800μs
Upstream protection : Unipolare or Unipolare + Neutral or Bipolare or Unipolare + Neutral +RCD
30mA MCBs integrated to the module or external. (depending of options and modules requested)
SCR control : 100% digital, opto isolated.
Power components : Thyristor or Triac for 3kW module
Thyristor for 5kW module
Transistor for 3kW and 5kW Sine wave module
CEM compatibility : According to directives EN014/60669/60439


DMX 512 : 2 opto isolated inputs, last DMX level held in the event of DMX signal interruption, automatic bypass.
Overriding : Prioritary for the cleaning of the stage or as working light for DMX 1 and DMX 2
Local control : For each channel group or individually from the Supervisor menus.


Patch : Individual or serial patch for DMX1 and DMX2
Curves : 15 curves per channel (9 user curves)
High level limit : From 50% to 100% with interpolation of the curve
Low level limit : From 0 to 50% with interpolation of the curve
Overriding : Programming of the channel level individually from 0 to 100% (35% value by default), live programming for each effect
Local cues : Individual channel level from 0 to 100% with up time, down time and wait time.
Recording : 30 cues, DMX capture
Display for each channel: Patch number, curve, High and low level limit, test level, cue levels, overriding levels
Access code : To enter into the menu


• Back up supervisor (2nd supervisor))
• Ethernet Input module (Artnet, ACN)
• RDM input module
• AVAB input module
• Diagnosis functions with reporting
• Output voltage regulation module
• Crealight® supervision software
• Power outputs on sockets
• Main switch with RCD 30 or 300mA, Main MCB with RCD 30 or 300mA, individual MCB + RCD 30mA, 12x3kW or 6x5kW MCB or switch with RCD 30mA

Power supply : 230V / 400V star 3NPE, 50/60Hz at the top, at the bottom or at the left or right side
Electrical protections : Conform to the rule: adapted to each installation
Ouputs : outputs on terminal block at the top, at the bottom, a the left or right side, at the front or at the rear or on sockets or directly on special connectors at the rear of the bac racks
Control signals : On terminal blocks
Indicators : On the front face of each module
Environment : Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Humidity : 0% to 90%
Protection degree : IP = 20
Cooling system : Auto regulated disengageable fans, adapted to the modules

After a long process of research and development, 3D CONCEPT cabinets are today at the cutting edge of technology.
3D CONCEPT modules have been developed to equip 3D CONCEPT cabinets. Each module is equipped with its own electronic control board, ensuring continuity in case of SUPERVISOR failure, making the 3D CONCEPT system the most reliable lighting control system in the world.
The modules have been designed to be plugged and unplugged at full load without having to cut the main power supply and therefore no risk of "Total Black Out".
Each module is equipped with two handles on the front, allowing the quick plugging and unplugging , tool-free.
LED status display: DMX 512 signal reception, power supply input, dimmed outputs and over heat detection.
In order to adapt to all types of facilities (Single Pole circuit breaker, Bipolar, with RCD, etc.), protection of each circuit can be integrated into the 3D CONCEPT module with access to circuit breaker resetting of each circuit in front of the module or wired externally (in 3D CONCEPT cabinet).
In order to control all types of loads, a large number of modules are available.
Optionally, each module can be equipped with the diagnostic board to give the user precise information about the module status: Measuring the voltage, current, fault detection, etc.
This information can then be viewed directly on the cabinet Supervisor and / or remotely on a PC connected to the cabinet via Ethernet.
The Thyristor and Triac dimmer modules can be optionally equipped with specific coils allowing to increase the rising time from 200μs to 400μs.

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