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Flexible cabinets, which incorporate Dimkit modules, allowing to dim any kind of sources in architectural or stage lightings.

• The market largest power range
• Ready to install
• Two operating modes:
• Standard, autonomous, simple and fast

Access to parameters and functions by encoding selectors

• Advanced, very advanced and ultra powerful Parameter setting and cabinet personalization by PDA (Palm) or by Supervisor (CPU)
Visualization and direct access to all functions

• Outputs on terminal blocks or sockets
• With or without divisional and/or differential protections by module
• Networking supervision capability with one or more supervisor(s) (CPU) (optional). One supervisor can control from one up to 12 modules.
By its flexibility and its single modularity, the Dimkit cabinet meets all construction requirements, any installation evolutions and guarantees to you a reduced, simplified maintenance.


Architectural lighting

Incandescent & ferromagnetic ELV
2706 Dimkit ®12-3D 12 x 3 kW
2719 Dimkit ® 6-5D 6 x 5 kW
Incandescent & electronic ELV
2707 Dimkit ® 6-2X 6 x 2,3 kW IGBT
Leds or fluorescent with 0-1/10V bus
2709 Dimkit ® 12-P 12 0-1/10 Vdc pilots
Discharge lamp or other On/Off control
2708 Dimkit ®12-3R 12 16A mechanical relays

Stage lighting

from 12 to 48 channels of 3 kW
outputs on terminal blocks or sockets
from 6 to 24 channels of 5 kW
outputs on terminal blocks or sockets
Dimmer mixing capability


Standard functions
Soft Patch (encoding selectors)
Local test (encoding selectors)
9 chasers with speed adjustment (encoding selectors)
- 2 overriding levels
- Local scene backup (encoding selectors)
- Led Indicator of power supply error
- Led Indicator of DMX signal reception
- Led temperature controller
- Led Indicator of channel error (Dimkit 6-2X transistors)
Advanced functions with Dimsoft software loaded onto PDA
Patch one to one
4 different curves per channel
Fluorescent threshold adjustment from 0 to 50% per channel
Adjustable control threshold
8 programmable scenes in "LIVE" mode
Programmable rise, fade and wait time of the scenes from 0 to 30 mn
Programmable sequence (16 steps)
Dimmer pack or cabinet status display
Configuration recording and transfer
2 Programmable overriding levels for emergency or cleaning which
can be played back remotly*
Scene backup recall with RVE wall station*
Nota: * some functions are available with Dimkit equipped with a
Supervisor: contact us


Power supply : TRI+N+T 230/400 V, Tri 220 V, 50/60 Hz
General protection : MCB or RCCD
Circuit protection : UNI, UNI+N or bipolar MCB
SCR control : Digital
Control : DMX512, last level held in case of signal interruption
Dimming : Leading edge for Dimkit ®12-3D or 6-5D
Trailing edge for Dimkit ® 6-2X
Source compatibility : Incandescence, Halogen, ferro ELV, ferro HV
Dimkit ®12-3D ou 6-5D,
ELV or electronic HV Dimkit ®6-2X
Discharge lamps Dimkit ®12-3R
Fluo or Led, 0 or 1/10V, Dimkit ®12-P
Detection & protection : Against wrong connections
Smoothing : Very high definition 32000 steps
Finishes : Rackable 19”, black painted,
screen printed, high resistance
Connection to Palm : On USB connector
EMC compatibility : According to EN55014/60669/60439
Environment : Temperature : 0 to + 40°C
Humidity : 0 to 90 %
Cooling : Advanced controlled cooling managed by microprocessor

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