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Dimmers packs 12 x 2.3 Kw

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  • 12 x 2.3KW
  • Sur prise NF
  • Sur prise Schuko
  • sur prise Suisse
  • Sur prises UK
  • Sur bornes
  • Sur prises CE 16A

Easy 12 is a 12 x 2.3 kW fully digital dimmer, able to dim
all light sources.
• Easy to use
• Rackable 19” or portable
• Chasers and tests
• Instantaneous location and vizualisation of defects on
the power supply network
• Professional grade filtering: 200 μs
• Very high definition smoothing: 32000 steps
• Outputs on sockets
• Temperature control by microprocessor
• Integrated DMX termination
• Very competitive price
Easy 12 is the perfect dimmer for all applications, permanent or mobile, as stage, TV studio, touring, theatre, conference centre, museum, school, ...


Patch: Serial, first circuit selection with address selectors
Curve: Linear
Test: All channels, from 10% up to 90%
Control signal: DMX 512 in / out on XLR 5
Last level held in case of signal interruption
Animation: 9 chasers with speed adjustment, selection by 3 selectors
Indicators: LED power for power supply and signalisation of defect. LED
DMX for the reception of digital signal (DMX 512) and information on temperature


• RCCD 30 mA
• Star-delta power
• EEC, Schuko, Swiss or HARTING power outlets
• 19” kit adaptor


Power rating: 12 x 2.3 kW under 230 Vac
Power supply: Tri+N+GND, 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz on 5x6 mm² cable
Triac control: Digital in all control cases
Power outlets: NF double 10/16 A, Schuko, Swiss
EMC compatibility: According to EN 55014/60669 standards, disturbance
suppression with strengthened attenuation
Operation: leading edge dimming
• Temperature: 0°C to + 40°C
• Humidity: 0 % to 90 %
Protection degree: Protection degree of enclosure = 30
Cooling: By fan regulation, RCS system with microprocessor control
Delivery with: 1 carrying handle

Power 12 x 2,3 KW
Sales code EASY 12
Load type Projecteurs Halogène
Height (mm) 117
Width (mm) 425
Depth (mm) 360
Weight (kg) 20
Type Blocs portable / rackable
Number of channels 12
Power (W) 2300W

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