New product

SERENILED - Profile - 150 W

  • 3200K
  • 5600K
  • DMX
  • 10°/29°
  • 15°/40°
  • 30°/54°

The TWINLED Profile is the first powerful compact LED profile especially adapted for small venues and locations
with specific ceiling constraints. Very powerful yet uniform light field.
Its design and price point, rivaling professional-use halogen lighting fixtures, will let you easily adopt the powerful,
reliable and energy-efficient LED technology. You will discover the incredible LED sharpness framed by the four
shutters. The TWINLED Profile can also be used with cameras in television studios or on movie sets, because of its
exclusive and adjustable flicker free technology.
Its forward assembly includes a filter holder and can be fully rotated (360º). A pattern (gobo) holder can be used, as
well as an iris if desirable.
Light control features include multiple response curves, strobe function, dimming local (no DMX 512 needed) for
stand-alone operation, or remote through DMX 512 in 8 bits or 16 bits modes.
Standard color: black, other colors available as options
Light brightness equivalent to a 650W halogen fixture*
Color temperature: 3200K (CRI >90), 5600K (CRI >90)** Consumption: only 100W
Power supply: 100/240 VAC 50/60Hz, yellow powerCON "true 1" connectors Weight: 7.5 Kg
Zoom: 15°/35° (ref 3369) or 25°/45° (ref 3370) available at purchase DMX 512: in/out XLR5 connectors
Included equipment:
One power supply cable (2m) equipped with one powerCon “true 1” connector, four shutters, one metal filter holder.
Options: M size gobo holder (ref 3372), iris (ref 3373)
*Equivalent power is an approximate data for indication only,**other color temperature upon request.

TWINLED Profile main features:
Fully (360°) rotating and locking front assembly
Chainable power connectors and cables (1000W total)
Hot connect/disconnect locking power connectors
Curves selection (halogen, square, linear)
2 color temperature choices available at purchase:
3200K or 5600K
Fits up to 8 shutters
8 or 16 bits mode DMX 512 selection
Strobe function, adjustable locally or remotely by DMX 512
Frequency adjustment, locally or remotely by DMX 512
Gobo holder, iris (options)
Sharp and uniform light field
Single shadow projected

Sales code Sereniled 10/29
Height (mm) 254
Width (mm) 314
Depth (mm) 762
Weight (kg) 17
Loads LED
Control DMX
Fixture type Découpe
Beam angle 10°-29°