New product

CHASELED - Followspot - 350 W

  • 3200K
  • 5600K
  • 6500K
  • DMX
  • 15°/40°
  • 8°/22°

The New CHASELED followspots let you save energy, yet provide an incredible light intensity.
With exclusive Crystal Clear Technology®, CHASELED is the first LED followspot light fixtures with a real efficient
light output capable of replacing standard followspots. Equipped with our renowned optical system, the CHASELED
followspots will give you perfect framing with a powerful and sharp beam. They have been ergonomically developed
to provide maximum comfort for operators during shows.
The exclusive balancing system provides effortless manipulations of the followspots. Once it is in operating position
(nose down) the fixture will remain in that position even if the operator lets go of the handle, there is no bounce.
With a long life LED source inside, there is no need to buy lamps anymore: your return on investment is achieved.
A frequency adjustment feature insures no light flicker conflict for TV and motion picture applications. The lighting
level can be controlled remotely by DMX 512 or directly on the fixture with a slider. Other important functions, such
as black out, full-on and local or DMX remote mode selection, are also easily accessible on the fixture through
lateral push buttons.
Light brightness equivalent to a 700 W HMI fixture*
Standard body color: Black Consumption: only 350W
Color temperature: 3200K (CRI >90), 6500K (CRI >80) DMX512: XLR5 In/Out
Power supply: 100/240 VAC 50/60Hz, powerCON "TRUE1" connectors Wireless DMX: option
Zoom: 8°/22°, 15°/40° Weight: 43.0 lbs (19.5 Kg)
Included equipment:
One power supply cable (6ft/2m) equipped with a powerCON TRUE1 connector; Integrated dimmer and iris, tripod,
gel color changer nose.
* Equivalent power is an approximate data for indication only

CHASELED main features:
Curves selection (Led-halo, user1, square, linear)
2 color temperature choices available at purchase: 3200K or 6500K
8 or 16 bits mode DMX 512 selection
Local (with slider) or remote dimming (through DMX) switchable on the fixture (push button)
Strobe function (adjustable timing), local or DMX controlled
Frequency adjustment: Local or DMX controlled
Black out and Full on locally directly accessible controls (push buttons)

Sales code Chaseled 8/22
Height (mm) 254
Width (mm) 31
Depth (mm) 1067
Weight (kg) 19.5
Loads LED
Control DMX
Fixture type Poursuite
Beam angle 8°-22°